An outfit for all seasons – #1

By the Bicycle Times staff

How do you dress for a ride? This question is more complex than it may seem at first. But with the aim of helping you answer it for yourself, here we present a collection of clothing reviews, along with some advice on how to combine pieces for different outfits to match different conditions. The reviews are loosely arranged in outfits according to the weather in which you’d wear them, going from warmer to cooler. We also present some “Extras to Consider” with each outfit, things you may want to bring along in a bag to be prepared for changes in temperature or to accommodate different needs. Read the complete introduction here.

1. Nuu-Muu Excersise Dress

As the name implies, this is an all-purpose athletic garment, but it happens to work well for cycling (and it’s not a Hawaiian shift). Made of a sleek, wrinkle-resistant polyester/Lycra blend that breathes very well and dries quickly, this was a dress that felt great on hot, humid rides and still looked fresh at the end. The shape gives a perfect blend of coverage, range of motion, and figure-flattery. Can be worn alone with padded shorts, or layered over/ under longer bottoms and a long-sleeve top. It’s available in many patterns and solid colors. I’m generally not a fan of floral patterns, but this one hides chain-grease smudges quite well. The grease came out easily in the wash, to boot. Price tag of $70 is fair for a U.S.-made garment that I wear often. Coming soon: a version with pockets. –Karen Brooks

2. Luna Baseline LS Crew Luna Baseline LS Crew

A Merino wool baselayer that is attractive enough to be worn on its own. The subtle flower graphic based on a Japanese wood-block print adds charm. Fit is snug, but not too snug. The weave is tighter than other baselayers I’ve tried, thus giving more wind resistance and allowing me to get away without a jacket in milder conditions. Available in a short-sleeve version as well; colors may vary, so check the website. While you’re there, read up on the awesome Luna CHIX Pro Team. Made in China. –K.B.

3. Spoke Puncher Cycling Cap | Under the helmet, or for post-ride styling. Complete with BT logo.

4. Fox Digit Gloves | It’s a good idea to protect your hands, even when wearing a dress.

5. Voler Peloton Short | Eight panel construction and a top-notch pad for ultimate comfort.

6. Teko Merino Women’s socks | Yes, wool socks are great in summer


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