Oregon Manifest returns with most ambitious project yet


The Oregon Manifest is one of the most creative bicycle competitions in the world, and this year the organizers have upped the ante with a new set of challenges and a new format.

In years past, custom bike builders produced one-off projects that had to complete a series of tasks, including a fairly daunting ride. This summer, five teams in five cities will design an urban utility bike for people who do not consider themselves “cyclists” with the winning design chosen for production by Fuji Bikes in 2015.


Each of the teams has been giving a strict set of design criteria that includes functionality, design and mandatory features. Individual elements such as accessories should be integrated into the design, rather than tacked on at the end. Flexibility in the bike’s use is also rewarded. Mandatory features include passive anti-theft systems, lighting, load-carry capacity, free-standing ability and fenders. In short, design a bike that everyone will want to ride.

The five teams include partnerships between design firms and bike builders in five cities:

  • Chicago: MINIMAL and Method Bicycle
  • New York: Pensa and Horse Cycles
  • Portland: Industry and Ti Cycles
  • San Francisco: HUGE Design and 4130 Cycle Works
  • Seattle: TEAGUE and Sizemore Bicycle

The collaborative projects will be unveiled July 25 at five parties in five cities, all in one night. The following day voting will start online for the public to choose its favorite design. The winner will be announced August 4.



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