Oregon Manifest design challenge begins Friday

The Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge is a one-of-a-kind design/build competition, in which some of the country’s best custom bike craftsman and select student teams vie to create the ultimate modern utility bike.

Entry unveiling

Each entry and its builder and/or team will be here, showing off their final design. Come admire the entries, meet the makers, and perhaps discover the next-wave utility bike! Also debuting will be the three Oregon Manifest Creative Collaboration bikes, devised by our three design firm and bike craftsmen partnerships.

Field Test

The moment of truth in the 2011 Challenge will be the mandatory Oregon Manifest Field Test. This rigorous road trial will assess the real function of every bike in the challenge, in real world environments including hills, byways and off-road sections. It will include several on-road check points where mandatory features of each bike will be evaluated. The Field Test requires riders to keep a brisk pace that will stress their bikes to the limit, and demands a well-crafted, expertly assembled entry in order to complete the route in good time. Final evaluation and point tabulation will occur after all bikes have completed the Field Test.

BIKE CRAFT. DESIGN. INNOVATION. from oregon manifest on Vimeo.



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