One Street creates simple parts for impoverished areas

One Street – a cycling advocacy group based in Arizona – has partnered with the Ecosa Institute to design and build new components that are simple and durable enough to be used in impoverished areas of the world. Their first product will be simple, durable, repairable, recyclable and affordable shift lever sets.

Ecosa Institute’s design students, some at the Masters level, will tackle the project in their Fall 2011 semester. Just a few of the criteria they will follow include using very few parts and ensuring that most parts can be replaced with common items. For instance, the top cap could be replaced with a bottle cap or the original aluminum lever could be replaced with carved bone or hardwood.

Next priorities on the extinction alarm list:

Basic, affordable rear derailleurs made with quality metal (not stamped pot metal) – last sighted in the 1980 and basic, high quality chains for geared bikes that are affordable and don’t require the pin to be replaced every time the chain is broken.

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