NYC CitiBike bikeshare registration now open

One of the most significant moments in the history of the city’s transportation network since the opening of the subway in 1904, New York’s long-awaited bike share program, CitiBike, took a big step toward opening today with the launch of Founding Member registration.

The first 5,000 members to sign up will receive the following:

  • A special Founding Member key.
  • Access to a special "members only" preview period for the system.
  • A 24-hour pass to share with a friend.
  • Discounts on stylish helmets redeemable at your local bike shop.
  • Invitations to Citi Bike Street Skills classes — brief, informal, indoor presentations in Manhattan and Brooklyn that cover important street riding info, including concrete examples of city cycling scenarios and how best to handle them.
  • $10 off on registration for Transportation Alternatives’ NYC Century Bike Tour in September.
  • $10 off on registration for two great regional rides from Bike New York Discover Hudson Valley and the Twin Lights Ride.
  • A VIP pass to Transportation Alternatives’ Bike Home from Work Party in May.

The first 500 Citi Bike Founding members will receive all of the above plus:

  • An invitation to the Citi Bike "Ride In" — the inaugural ride to bring bikes to Citi Bike stations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The first 150 Citi Bike Founding members will receive all of the above plus:

  • A special Founding Members t-shirt.

Annual membership costs just $95 a year (plus tax) and includes free, unlimited trips of 45 minutes or less. Passes for 24 hours or seven days are also available for infrequent users or visitors.

The CitiBike itself is a simple, sturdy three-speed with built-in lights, fenders and rack. In the past week the first sharing stations have begun to pop up like spring flowers. The very first was on Fulton Street between Grand and Downing in Clinton Hill.

In the initial phase, more than 6,000 bikes will be available in 300 locations, with more coming online in the future. The CitiBike system is operated by Alta Bike Share, the same parent company behind the bike sharing programs in Boston, London, Washington D.C., Melbourne, Montreal, Minneapolis and more. 


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