NYC CitiBike bike share system is up and running

New York City’s long-awaited bike share program, CitiBike, took to the streets over the weekend and is now officially up and running. The largest bike share system in the U.S., CitiBike says riders clocked more than 13,000 miles in the first day.

The most popular starting stations were:

  • E 17 St & Broadway: 113
  • Broadway & W 57: 109
  • Broadway & E 14 St: 98

And the most popular ending stations were:

  • E 17 St & Broadway: 108
  • Broadway & W 57: 103
  • University Pl & E 14 St: 78

Also on Monday, 772 riders signed up for annual memberships, bringing the total to more than 16,000.

The launch has generated a TON of press, and as you can imagine, there were some hiccups. The New York Post reported that one of the bikes was stolen just as it was being unloaded and installed. Some members had trouble picking up their keys and countless people have made their displeasure heard about the locations of the bike racks.

The Village Voice took a sunnier outlook with a headline “CitiBike Happened Yesterday—and the World Did Not End.” Also worth noting, Gothamist has a roundup of some ways to fight germs from the bikes, since who knows what the person using it before you was doing.

Finally, the CitiBike program graced the cover of the June 3, issue of the New Yorker. “I’ve only been doored twice,” artist Marcellus Hall told the New Yorker. “I’m not one of those hard-core bike freaks; it’s just a good way for me to get around in the city.”

Are you in New York? Have you used the new CitiBike program? What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.


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