Nuvinci launches automatic drivetrain

Already at the forefront of drivetrain technology with its continuously variable transmission, Nuvinci is now taking it one step further with an automatic transmission designed for e-bikes.

The Harmony drivetrain system is designed to work with the already available N360 CVT hub, but mounts between the hub and an 12-48 volt power source.It’s designed as a solution for the common problem of e-bike riders leaving their bikes in one gear causing the electric motor to work harder than necessary.

Harmony comes in two models. With advanced rider controller, riders can set a preferred cadence and the system automatically adjusts the ratio with terrain or wind changes to maintain the cadence. Riders can also choose the manual twist-grip shift option similar to any bike currently using the N360 hub. The basic rider controller is a simpler set-up where riders have three programmable cadence settings—slow, medium, fast—that can be preset by the e-bike OEM.

The system weighs less than 250 grams, and the N360 hub is about 2,450 grams.

Expect to see more details at the big trade shows this fall.




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