NiteRider spotlights improved battery life for 2015 lineup

Riding at night has never been better. As LED and battery technologies continue to improve at astonishing rates, the products and price points just get better and better.

NiteRider knows a thing or two about going long—it’s celebrating its 25th anniversary this year—and its 2015 lineup focuses on boosting its lights’ runtimes rather than pumping out as many lumens as possible.

The NiteRider line is divided into the Pro Performance, Sport Performance and the Commuter Categories.

This year, NiteRider has added the “Enduro Battery” to the Performance Line. The Pro 2200 Enduro and Pro 770 Enduro boost run times up to 60 percent longer depending upon setting. The top-of-line Pro 3600 is available in both D.I.Y. and Enduro versions.


The Lumina Series has become known as the best all-around light for both the trail and the daily commute. Four of the five lights have been boosted by an additional 50 lumens and bear the names Lumina 750, Lumina 550, Lumina 400 and Lumina Micro 250. The Lumina 400 retails at $80—that’s $10 less than last year’s Lumina 350. The same holds true for the Lumina Micro 250 that now retails for $60 and the Lumina Flare at $160.


The Mako Series has improved cosmetics and includes the exciting addition of the Mako Mini. The $25 tiny commuter light pumps out 50 lumens, runs on one AA battery and has a run time between 12 and 60 hours.


A cornerstone in cycling safety is the tail light. A new offering for 2015 is the Sentinel 2W USB. The light is equipped with 30 lumens of regular projection similar to the Solas, but with the addition of down-facing laser lights that project visible lanes onto the road.


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