Nicolai teases first fat bike with Pinion gearbox


Internal gearboxes for mountain bikes seem to fall in and out of fashion, but the Nicolai Argon Fat Pinion looks like the first one we’ve seen in a fat bike. Featuring Pinion‘s 18-speed gearbox, a Gates Carbon Beltdrive, RockShox Reverb dropper post and a Carver suspension fork, it really pushes the limits of what fat bikes are considered useful for. More and more riders are choosing them as alternatives to “traditional” mountain bikes, and not just wintertime toys.

Nicolai, a German brand, has always had a affinity for gearboxes, and offers several models equipped with them. It also sells the Argon as a “tradition” fat bike with sliding dropouts so you can run it as a singlespeed or with an internally geared hub.

No word on if the Pinion model will hit production, but we’d love to try it!


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