NFA Vehicles

Here is a set of Hard Panniers, off the bike. You can see it is one piece, to simplify mounting:

Now it is mounted to the bike:

This yellow bike is called “Type 10”- Is it a lowrider? Most so-called “Lowrider” bicycles are based on great motorcycles of the past- this one is based on a concept of an Electric Motorcycle of the future:

This next bike is the Type 9. My Daughter Mellisa designed this bike. The fairing is based on the aerodynamic spoiler of the Kenworth Diesel Truck, and there is a cargo compartment inside; it’s like a glove compartment that is reached from the rider’s side. We also call this The Fiberglass Ladies Bicycle:

This is called the Type 7:

I sold the Type 9 for a profit, there was no Type 8, but I keep the Type 7 as my Heavy Utility Bike- it is good to carry cargo on a platform mounted to the head tube, it is much more stable than the handlebars.

This is the Type 6- a full bodied Velomobile!

The Type 5 had parts in common with the Type 6, but not the roof. I was working on the theory of “interchangeable parts”. Here , my Daughter and her friend take the Type 5 for a ride:

I hope you all enjoyed this little presentation. Perhaps the idea of aerodynamic shapes for cargo boxes is a bit extreme, or maybe it’s very practical?

Our “Corporate” name is NFA Vehicles. Each of the bikes has a number, but no name. We are working constantly to improve the designs, although we do not sell bikes to the public.


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