A new/old bike, ahead of its time

By Shannon Mominee

I contemplated whether I needed another bike for about ten minutes, when a friend of mine decided to sell his 2007 Lemond Poprad Disc. He was, unfortunately, hit by a car a few years ago on his road bike and, because of an injury, hasn’t ridden since. The Poprad has been hanging in his garage waiting to play in the mud and now has found a home with me.

I think the Poprad Disc was ahead of its time and is still awesome. Most companies have recently begun putting discs on ‘cross bikes, but this one is nearly five-years-old. A Bontrager carbon fork, OX Platinum steel frame, cool color with classy bands, and a super smooth ride. Too bad it’s no longer made.

This like-new condition bike has opened another level of cycling opportunities for me. When the single track turns to three inches of deep mud or is ice covered, I’m linking crushed stone trails in the parks with city streets and rails-to-trails, and discovering odd neighborhoods and overgrown urban access roads that climb up the backside of steep hillsides. Pittsburgh is laid out like a game of Chutes and Ladders and what better way to speed through a tunnel or slide down a rainbow than on a bike.

Owning this style of bike to adventure around the city, or to follow the banks of the three rivers on any terrain is giving me a new perspective on where I live. It’s almost like a vacation. The new routes are also fun to share with my wife and putting knobby tires back on her Bianchi Volpe and having her ride with me is exciting for her as well. It’s also great for my dog Roman. He still gets to run with a bike when the single track is sloppy, but the main arteries through the park are rideable. Perhaps next season I’ll actually get to race the Poprad, but for now it’s serving me well.

Editor’s note: There are two more Poprad owners on the Bicycle Times staff too, one disc and one with cantilevers.



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