New lights and GPS camera from CatEye

By Josh Patterson




The market for bicycle and helmet-mounted video cameras is becoming increasingly crowded. What does one to set themselves apart from the field? Take a new approach to video. Cat Eye’s INOU, named for the first explorer to map the entire coastline of Japan, is a GPS-enabled camera/video camera. Cat Eye coined the term “socially-enabled GPS” to describe how they seem the INOU fitting into the marketplace. The $250 INOU does not shoot in HD but it does allow users to quickly upload their videos to social networking sites as well as to where users can view and share ride experiences around the globe.


  • PC and Mac Compatible
  • 1 GB Micro SD memory card included (Will supporting up to 32GB)
  • Water Resistant Design
  • FlexTight and Helmet/Universal brackets included
  • 6.5 hrs. runtime with GPS logging
  • 6 hrs with GPS logging + auto photo recording (1’ intervals)
  • 2.5 hrs with GPS logging + video recording
  • Geo-tagged maps on the INOUAtlas Website
  • Share maps, photos, and videos with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube


  • Auto GPS-Data Logging Every 5 Seconds
  • Auto (1’, 2’, 5’, 10’) Photo Recording
  • Manual Photo Recording
  • 640×480 30/15fps Video Recording
  • Manual video recording compatible with YouTube
  • Compatible with Google Maps
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Distance calibration with CatEye analog wireless speed sensor*
  • *Strada wireless, Micro wireless, Urban wireless, Vectra wireless

More information can be found here.

Cat Eye’s new trail lights

Cat Eye is returning to the high-powered light market after a several year hiatus. The CatEye Sumo 3 and Sumo 2 replace Cat Eye’s Stadium light series with LED bulbs, improved run times, and increased lumen outputs.

The top-of-the-line Sumo 3, above, can produce 2100 lumens at max output. The Sumo 3 will retail for $550.


  • 3 x 700 Lumen LED
  • 7.4V x 9200mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • DNA & Flashing Modes
  • Battery Runtime:
    • High 2.5 hrs
    • Medium 5 hrs
    • Low 10 hrs
    • Flashing 20 hrs
  • Battery Charge: 8 hrs

The $450 Sumo 2 has one less LED and a more compact battery than the Sumo 3. Its max output is 1,400 lumens on high.


  • 2 x 700 Lumen LED
  • 7.4 x 4600mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • DNA & Flashing Modes
  • Battery Runtime:
  • High 2 hrs
  • Medium 4 hrs
  • Low 10 hrs
  • Flashing 20 hrs
  • Battery Charge: 4 hrs

Both systems are helmet and handlebar compatible.

New commuter lights too

The Rapid 1 series offers compact head and tail lights at a very pocketbook-friendly price of $35. The Rapid 1 head and taillights have one LED bulb and recharge via a mini-USB cable. Available Fall 2011.

Cat Eye is also introducing the high-powered Nano Shot to compete with similar cordless lights. The Nano Shot is still in development, the expected output is 250 lumens and the target price is $120. The Nano will recharge via a mini-USB. It is expected to be available this Fall.


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