National Bike to Work Day

Bicycle Times HQOn this beautifully sunny 2009 National Bike to Work Day the weather in Pittsburgh couldn’t have been better. (We usually get rained on). With Black Sabbath playing from memory in my head, I pedaled, the long way, over to one of the complimentary breakfast stops that were set up around the city to see how things were going. The stops were designed to encourage more people to pedal to work and to thank those that already do. I saw many riders on the rode as I made my way through the neighborhoods, and was encouraged by the glimpse into the future of cycling.

whole foods

In front of Whole Foods, a breakfast area manned by Trek of Pittsburgh and one of our local activism groups Bike Pittsburgh were offering free bike adjustments and various forms of cycling literature. They were also answering cycling related question, shooting the breeze and enjoying the sunshine. Whole Foods was generous enough in their donation of coffee, orange juice, fruit, and bagels for those that stopped by. I helped myself to a glass of OJ, spread the good word of Bicycle Times and Dirt Rag and answered a few questions myself. After snapping a few photos it was time to pedal to the office and see how the staff did on their commitment to ride to work.

bike parking

It always makes me smile when too many bikes make it hard to find a parking space for my bike. Arriving a little late to work left me with the task of finding a spot. The rack was full, Karen already had her bike in the bushes, and Eric’s was leaning against a bench. Andrew and his fancy center stand can turn any spread of ground into a parking spot. A big ceramic pot looked just as good as any to lean my back wheel against. As the rest of the Bicycle Timnes / Dirt Rag staff rolled in, we managed 100% participation in commuting to work by bike. Hooray for us, and to everyone else that cycled somewhere today! Keep on pedaling.


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