NAHBS 2017: Squid Bikes

As I wandered the showroom floor on the first day of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, a line of uniquely-painted frames caught my eye. Yeah, there are a lot of bright, shiny, pretty, and unique bikes to see at NAHBS, but these frames were clearly different.

They ranged from clearly-defined designs such as pizza slices and sharks to organic, abstract ones that looked like they’d been created by just throwing paint at the frame. One of the founders of Squid Bikes, Emily Kachorek, gave me the lowdown. It turns out that Squid is all about inspiring your creativity. While they do offer a number of pre-painted frame designs, the main premise behind the operation is that they will sell you a raw aluminum frame, as well as bike-specific frame paint, and you can create your own design.


In front in these shots is the raw frame, ready to be painted.


Currently, they offer cyclocross-style frames called the $QUIDCROSS. They are built by Ventana and come in 6 different sizes, ranging from XS-XXL. They feature 12×142 rear thru-axle spacing, a PF30 bottom bracket shell that can be cut for t47, an oversize steerer tube, and external cup headset. The frames are designed for disc brakes and to run up to 42 mm tires. Raw frames sell for $1200, and they also offer three complete builds, starting at $3200.

Their second bike is also in the works, a BMX cruiser with 26″ wheels.


The frame paint that they sell is called Spray.Bike, a spray paint specifically designed for bicycles. It dries quickly, doesn’t run or drip, and can be used at very close spraying proximity for more intricate designs and paint jobs. It is available in an amazing array of colors and textures, from a wide range of matte coats to metallic and florescent hues.


The Squid team encourages everyone, not just people that buy their bikes, to get creative and have fun, because after all, that’s what riding is all about.



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