NAHBS 2013 – Bilenky Cycle Works

By Karen Brooks,

I was dutifully cruising the convention-hall lanes here at NAHBS for city bikes and I spotted a sleek machine at the side of the Bilenky booth.

It’s a stainless steel lugged frame with a popular combo here—Gates belt drive and Rohloff internal-gear hub. Truly low-maintenance. Check out the slick matching fenders…

… and sweet lugs. 

But then my eyes were dazzled by an Amazonian superhero of a bike. The star details are hand-cut and reflective. Note the “Lasso of Truth” golden chain. 

This is an actual customer’s bike—she’ll be using it as an around-town fixie. In fact, she’s already been riding it, a common theme among some of the coolest bikes here.

Stephen Bilenky, rocking the pink vest you see above, shared some drawings of the design process:

But the truly stunning thing at the Bilenky booth was hiding in the back, at least until it won an award for Best Lugged Frame: this beauty by Isis Shiffer, member of the Bilenky crew:


Just one word: Wow!

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