NAHBS 2010 Rolling into Richmond

Don Walker, the man behind the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, used his Facebook NAHBS group to announce that the 2010 North American Handmade Bicycle Show will take place on February 26–28th at the Richmond Convention Center. Don has promised further details soon, and we’ll be sure to pass them on.

For a taste of the NAHBS flavor, click here for the trip report from the 2009 show in Indianapolis from our sister publication Dirt Rag. To go straight to the eye candy, click on Dirt Rag‘s 2009 NAHBS photo galleries: here, here and here.

For a little perspective on Richmond, we offer the following passage from Wes Cheney’s Richmond Commuter Portraits photo-journal story that he penned and photographed for Dirt Rag #128:

At first glance, Richmond, Virginia might seem an odd town to foster a burgeoning bike scene. It is a typical old American city surrounded by sprawling suburbs. Still carrying the psychological, if not physical, scars of the War of Northern Aggression (as it’s locally known), the mills closed about the same time that the white middle class fled to the suburbs after Massive Resistance failed to halt school integration. But, with the presence of the state government, several banks and several more universities, the downtown has been transformed by the young and hip, as well as the old hippies. There are more bikes than bike lanes, and independent bike shops have sprung up around both uptown and downtown Richmond (and in Richmond, uptown really is up a hill, and downtown is in a river bottom).


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