My Poprad in Winter Mode

lemond popradI’m one of those guys with a basement full of bicycles. I wish that I could tell you that I give all of my rigs the attention that they deserve, but sadly that’s not the case. I do have my favorites—bikes that get the lion’s share of the mileage. My LeMond Poprad is the king of the basement beasts. It’s my go-to bike for quick commutes, long joy rides, so-called training rides, and the occasional foray into the gore that is cyclocross racing. I recently switched the Poprad over to "winter mode" and I thought I’d snap a few pics and boast about daddy’s favorite.

Actually, the Poprad’s winter mode is not all that different from its summer mode. I switched from Panaracer T-Serve street tires to some Bontrager Jones CX tires—to provide all-weather traction and open up avenues, via off-road shortcuts, that get sketchy this time of year. Off with the Shimano road pedals and on with Time Atac mountain bike pedals, which are compatible with my toasty Lake winter boots.

lemond poprad

Recently, during the late-summer months, I purchased and installed a set of Planet Bike Clip-On fenders, to bolster the Poprad’s wet-weather suitability. I liked the idea of keeping the Poprad sleek and fenderless for clear days, but wanted the ability to attach fenders at a moment’s notice, whenever the forecast was looking wet. Yes, I have "other" bikes with hard-mounted fenders, but one can never have too many bikes with fender capability.

planet bike fenders

The control center remains pretty much the same, year round. Notable gizmos include: the Planet Bike Blaze 2W LED clip-on light, which is bright enough to ride by, in addition to providing safety lumens; the Cateye Mity 8 computer, a classic in its simple yet functional design; the Incredibell Bellini, which is an essential item on all or my bikes; and a bar-end mirror, the make and model of which I’m not sure. For more information on illumination, check out our Front Lights Primer from BT #3.

lemond poprad control center

The view from the rear reveals a WTB SST.X saddle, with its Stingray-style sparkly vinyl cover that resists foul weather much better than the simu-leather-covered road saddle the I use during summer months. Plus, it just plain feels good. I don’t think my particular version of that saddle is currently in production, but the venerable WTB SST is still available in basic black. Tucked under the saddle is an ancient Trek tool bag that’s chock full of essentials, and further down the seatpost is a museum-piece VistaLite. Not show in the photo below, but worthy of mention is the classic Zefal HPX frame pump that’s proven reliable and durable.

lemond poprad

Click here for my product review of the LeMond Poprad from Dirt Rag issue #120.


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