My delicious Porkchop!

By Trina Haynes


I’m not talking about that slab of the delicious pig that I haven’t indulged in since grade school—I’m talking about Timbuk2’s belt and shoulder bag. I received a Porkchop as a gift from the hubby 10 years ago and it has been my go-to bag for anything that doesn’t require me to bring a backpack. My girly squeal of excitement when I heard Timbuk2 was bringing it back at NAHBS this year was only a fraction of the jumping up and down with an even higher pitch squeal when it was actually in my hands.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t need a new bag. My original Porkchop is still in great condition. A little dirty perhaps, but no popped seams and no tears. When the word “improved” is uttered I must know about and fondle all of the upgrades.

The Velcro closure has been updated, replacing the vertical strip with a horizontal one. This makes for a more confident closure, and lends a bit of security for those larger objects on your travels. Timbuk2 also kept seaworthiness a priority with the Porkchop 2.0 by using a waterproof TPU liner.

On the older model there was a pocket on the rear of the bag. This has been eliminated. Though handy for shoving small stuff, it caused serious sag factor when worn on your belt, but no longer. Buh bye Sag Factor.

The removable straps have been upgraded with metal D-rings and stronger and easier to use clips. They have also reduced the adjustments straps to one side, (rather than two on the older model). Sweet simplicity.

An added bonus is the faux fur pocket to protect your smart phone. Yes, I do pet this pocket more than occasionally and no, I am not a “furry”.

At $35 this bag is a steal considering it can last up to 10+ years. 


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