More exotic treats from Eurobike

By Jeff Lockwood

Bicycles, bicycle parts, bicycle accessories, bicycle culture and lots and lots of bicycle nerds were the main course for the 2011 Eurobike bicycle trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, this week. It was a difficult challenge, but I managed to tear myself away from a bountiful round of appetizers and deserts consisting of schnitzel, spaetzle, and hefeweizen to walk the more than thirteen exhibit halls to report back to you about the latest and greatest delectable bicycle treats on this year’s menu.


There’s no denying electric urban bikes are gaining traction…especially in Europe. Cannondale’s offerings in this arena for 2012 include a men’s and a women’s electric model. The E-Series Men includes an E-Series SI Headshock with an integrated Bosch Drive unit; disc brakes; an integrated, removable battery; and four power modes controlled by a slick-looking unit on the bars.


Their catalog states, “It’s our pride and just philosophy of Switzerland and Japan to provide a comfortable riding and performance.” The unique, yet classy Bruno Mini Velo 20 Road essentially looks like a road bike with 20” wheels. It’s made with Reynolds 520 Cro-Mo butted tubing, and is spec’d with cantilever brakes and 20×1.5 tires.


The entire KLICKfix line of baskets, panniers, fenders and other commuter-friendly products feature extremely care-free mounting systems. As the company name implies, all their products click directly into their respective mounts, and all quickly release with the touch of a button. I’m definitely a dork for iPhone accessories, and there are plenty of other smart phone mounting systems out there, but the KLICKfix Smart Phonebag caught my eye. It’s water resistant, mounts right to the handlebars, you can operate the phone from outside the bag, and it articulates vertical or horizontal with no fuss.

Show Fashion

Well? What do you say?


Cinelli says their original Laser, with 35 podium spots from 1984 to 1990 and a lot of other awards, was the most winning bicycle in the history of track racing. It went away for a long time, but the company recently assembled the original design team behind the original Laser frames to produce a modern version. Only this version is extremely special. It’s limited edition run of only 21 frames. Despite the bike looking like it’s carbon fiber, with all its formed lines and striking beauty, it’s actually made with a Columbus Spirit tube set… the tubes are made with a special Columbus Niobium steel “which is doped with manganese, chrome, nickel molybdenum and niobium.” Wow. These limited edition bikes are being sold for 7,500 Euro. That’s around $10,600.

Spaetzle & Schnitzel

We’re in Germany, and I love the food here. Thus, I had to include a food shot.


Bernds is a German folding bike manufacturer with some interesting stuff going on. In the first photo is a singlespeed, belt-driven folding bike featuring a unique single-tube frame design, which includes an elastomer near the rear “triangle” to help soften the bump of pothole’d streets.

The second photo is a step-through design folding bike with disc brakes, gears, the same rear elastomer and some…umm…precious cargo.


All bicycle trade shows are a circus, and Charge’s party at their “booth” galvanized that fact.


While their booth gave me a Crate & Barrel feeling, there’s no denying Basil, from The Netherlands, has an extensive and attractive line of items to help you carry stuff on your bicycle… from groceries, to computers, to pets.


Some new urban rubber was on display in the Hutchinson booth. The Gotham comes in 26×1.70, 700×32 and 700×37 sizes. The subtle and interesting tread on these city tires go far down the sidewall, and the compound is rugged enough for city commuting, yet supple enough for proper consitent contact.


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