More than 60 students suspended for riding bikes to school

It’s hard to call it a "senior prank". More than 60 senior students at Kenowa Hills High School in Walker, Mich., decided to celebrate their last day of classes by riding bikes to school. They rounded up a police escort, and even the mayor came out with doughnots. 

But no one told the principal. 

Principal Katie Pennnington was so irate when she heard of their actions she suspended them all, sent them home early, and canceled the "Senior Walk" where students are traditionally allowed to say goodbye to classmates and teachers. 

Then the national media got ahold of the story and it blew up all over the internet. Now Pennington is backpedaling with a lengthy apology she released in a statement. 

"My actions and emotion overshadowed what should have been a very positive senior activity," Pennington said. "I have learned much from this experience and do not consider myself infallible. “I now applaud the students for their foresight in contacting the police department to ensure the safety of their senior surprise. "

So what’s the takeaway from all this? It’s worth noting that the students very well could have been in violation of school rules. Many school districts forbid students from riding bikes to school, citing safety concerns. 

School districts have slowly been recognizing their hand in the waning health of children due to unhealthy foods, lack fo exercise and more, and banning bicycles hardly seems to be helping. 

What do you think is a good solution ot the problem? Are kids allowed to ride to school where you live? 


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