Meet the Oregon Manifest winner – Denny


If you could have the ultimate urban commuting bike, what features would it have? Fenders, racks, lights—those are a given, but the goal of the Oregon Manifest design competition was to push innovation and integration even further.


Five teams were chosen, and one was voted the winner by the public. Meet Denny, the bicycle conceived of and built by TEAGUE and Sizemore Cycles. Based it Seattle, the team included all the features that integrate safety and practicality in a revolutionary package.

Though it looks simple, Denny is actually an incredibly complex machine. Some of the trick features include a removable handlebar that becomes a locking system, automatic gear shifting, electric power assist, integrated storage in the frame, integrated turn signals and brake lights, and auto-on lights for visibility.


As the winning design in the competition, it will become a production bike from Fuji (though we can imagine some details might change for mass production)


What do you think?

Denny sure looks high-tech, but would it suit your needs? Let us know in the comments below.



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