Love adventure? Apply to become a Blackburn Ranger

To paraphrase a famous Army cadence:

“I wanna be an Blackburn ranger / I wanna live the life of adventure”

Sponsorships for the non-racers out there can be rare. Blackburn is stepping up into that gap and offering support to the adventures out there with the Ranger brand ambassador program.


The main criteria for Ranger-hood is a commitment to ride either the Pacific Coast bicycle route or the Great Divide mountain bike route. Of course, Rangers will be responsible to share their adventures via the various social media platforms. In return Blackburn will outfit Rangers with Blackburn gear (including prototypes!) and a small travel stipend to help defray the cost of your adventurous undertaking.


Also in the perks category: Ranger Camp at the Whiskey Off-Road in Prescott, Arizona, paid for by Blackburn. I don’t know about you, but I’d be down with missing out on some spring showers to hang out in Arizona April 25-27. The application process involves submitting a short essay, a few photographs and uploading a short video to YouTube. Best get busy!

Are you a cyclist with an adventurous soul? Someone who likes to capture your stories along the road? Maybe you’re a seasoned bikepacker, well-versed in traversing back roads and trails. Maybe you’re just getting into adventure cycling – testing out overnight trips and yearning for more.  Definitely you’re somebody who passionately believes in the idea that viewing the world can be better by bike.

At Blackburn we design product for those who embody this spirit of adventure, and in support of this community we’re recruiting four new brand ambassadors for 2014.  Nicknamed “Rangers”, our ambassadors provide the ultimate test of our products and bring them into real world situations as they tackle journeys along the Pacific Coast and Great Divide routes. Blackburn Rangers work directly with our designers and engineers to deliver invaluable product feedback as well as advocate for bicycling touring, share their journeys and adventures along the routes and encourage everyone to get “Out There.”

If you’re interested in traveling the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route or the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route and sharing your stories along the way–as well as testing out our latest and greatest gear–you just might be the perfect candidate to be a Blackburn Ranger.


Criteria of a good Ranger / What we’re looking for

  • Loves the idea of exploring the world by bike.
  • Active and knowledgeable on social media, with a good following
  • Passionate about the Blackburn brand
  • Someone who likes to “capture” the moments of life.
  • An excellent storyteller; written, verbal and/or visual
  • A camper, traveler and adventurer.

Ambassador responsibilities / What you’ll be expected to do

  • Spread the word about the Blackburn brand and products
  • Travel the Pacific Coast or Great Divide Cycling Route in summer of 2014
  • Create and deliver ride inspired content (photos, videos, blogs)
  • Actively participate in social media
  • Attend Ranger Camp at the 2014 Whiskey Off-Road Event in Prescott, AZ
  • Provide product testing feedback to the Blackburn team

What you get / What’s in it for you

  • New & Prototype Blackburn Gear
  • Travel to and participation in our 2014 Blackburn Ranger Camp at the Whiskey Off-Road in Prescott, AZ
  • Appearance in Blackburn videos and possible regional ad campaigns, in-store displays or other Blackburn marketing initiatives
  • Small travel stipend to help you complete the route

How to apply

  • Submit a short essay that details why you’d make a great Blackburn brand ambassador.
  • Try to hit upon the following points: What sort of history do you have with the Blackburn brand? What kind of bike touring have you done, if any? What are your personal motivations for embarking on the Pacific Coast or Great Divide? Is there anything special you’d like to do along the way? Surf, Kayak, Climb, Skateboard, raise money for a cause, hit every historical site?
  • Send along several photos (3 to 10) that best illustrate who you are and how you view the world
  • Bonus points: upload a short video to YouTube that showcases the points listed above, #beablackburnranger and send us the YouTube URL with your completed essay

What happens next

  • You will receive an email confirming we’ve received your application
  • An 8 person panel comprised of Blackburn representatives, media and creative partners and a representative from the Adventure Cycling Association will review each application
  • Finalists will be notified by February 22nd, 2014
  • Final selection will be determined by March 7th, 2014. Notification will be posted to




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