Lezyne launches new pumps and LED lights

Lezyne is celebrating its 10-year anniversary and has launched an updated light collection that included adding lumens and battery life to much of its line and more power to its pumps.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 2.43.03 PM

New for 2017 (and that caught our eye) is the Femto Duo, a compact helmet light that gives you a white and red light in one package. The front emits 15 lumens, the rear emits 7 lumens and the whole thing straps on quickly with Velcro or slides neatly into a small bag so you’ll always have extra safety lights at hand.

Lezyne Super Drive

Lezyne added 50 lumens to its powerful (but still compact) Super Drive so that the light now puts out a whopping 1,250 lumens. That output will last you just under two hours. The next brightest setting—950 lumens—will run for two hours, 40 minutes. The Super Drive weighs 258 grams when attached to its bar strap mount and retails for between $120 and $150 (depending on accessories).

Pressure Overdrive

Lezyne also introduced two new pumps—the Pressure Over Drive and Digital Pressure Over Drive—that work just like a regular pump but also include a second air chamber designed to seat tubeless tire setups in lieu of an air compressor. Max psi is 220 and retail is $140 (analog) or $165 (digital).

Micro Floor Drive XL fat bike

Also available is the Micro Floor Drive XL: a compact travel pump designed just for fat bike tires. That high-volume pump weighs 367 grams and maxes out at 35 psi. A long, integrated hose and stainless steel foot peg improves pumping efficiency (and won’t rust in the snow). Retail is $60.



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