Levi’s mobile bike shop on tour now

To celebrate the launch of the Commuter line of bicycle-friendly clothing by Levi’s, a mobile Bike Shop offering free tuning and tailoring resources will be touring to 16 cities across the nation, equipping commuters for comfort and safety and encouraging everyone to “Get in the Saddle.”

Accompanying the Bike Shop is the Oregon Manifest commuter bike, built by Chris King’s Cielo Cycles and featuring accessories by Portland Design Works.

Get the whole scoop, including tour stops, here.

Oregon Manifest is a weekend of extrodinary bike craft, design and innovation. This year it will be held September 23 and 24 in Portland.

Been there, got the shirt

In conjuction with the mobile bike shop tour, Pedal Pushers Club has released a new series of City-to-City t-shirts to commemorate the event. Available exclusively through Urban Outfitters or on their web site, there’s one for eight cities, coast to coast.


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