Letter to the Editor: Stop Monkeying Around

In this day of Tweetbook and Facetube, we don’t get a lot of letters to the editor, or even emails to the editor. It’s often frustrating for our team to work so hard on the magazine and not receive much in the way of feedback, good or bad. But we know you must have opinions, so let’s hear ’em! You can always reach us at editor@bicycletimesmag.com. Here’s one we received recently:

Dear sir:

First I really enjoy your magazine. The columns are insightful, informative and encouraging. I must however, take exception with your book review (Issue #40, p. 8) entitled “The Monkey Wrench Gang.” I am open to new and different ideas. I agree that we must protect our environment in a positive and lawful manner.

bt-monkey-wrench-1By publishing the review your writer and magazine appear to support radical environmentalists who break into construction sites, destroy others property, bulldozers, rip up and destroy power and rail lines. This behavior is never acceptable. It harms others and is cowardly. It accomplishes nothing to protect our environment. Without law and respect for others and their opinions and property we have anarchy. “The end doesn’t justify the means.” These actions are crimes and those who conduct them need to be punished.

Providing other publications in Mr. Abbey’s review for your readers which supports and encourages these repugnant actions is unacceptable and morally wrong. By publishing the review Bicycle Times appears to be endorsing and promoting these crimes to your readers of ALL ages, young and old.

Please stick to what you do best; continue to promote the great sport of cycling for all family members responsibly across all generations, and interests and abilities. Keep politics out of your fine publication. Why promote anything that harms others?

Encourage people to do the right thing. Doing otherwise only alienates and pushes away some of your readers and subscribers. We get too much politics and divisive rhetoric on TV everyday. Protect us from that and give us more on the sport we all love. I eagerly await your next issue.

I hope I’ve somehow helped BT be an even better publication with another viewpoint.


Keith Jordan
Leavenworth, Kansas

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