Letter to the Editor – You blew it!

Editor’s note: Ok, so this is actually a letter to the publisher, but we wanted to share it with other readers and get a discussion going. We’ve received a lot of feedback about the illustration on cover of our latest issue, #24, and we want to know what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Dear Publisher,

I just purchased the new issue of Bicycle Times, which I normally enjoy. The cover artwork is beautiful and initially inspiring to get on a bike and go ride. But I was horrified to realize the mother riding her two kids on the back of her bike was wearing flip flops! What were you and your staff thinking? Flip flops on a bike are dangerous and irresponsible—not only to a single rider, but to anyone else in proximity to the accident waiting to happen. Unbelievably, your fashionable mom is also endangering her children by riding in flip flops, which is inexcusable for someone responsible for a child’s safety.

Bicycle Times has the opportunity and responsibly to educate and promote bike safety. You blew it! Fashion be damned if it’s at the expense of safety or promotes dangerous behavior. Fortunately, the flip-flopper & her kids are wearing helmets, and the kids have on safe shoes. But the more I look at your "creative" cover, the more frustrated I get—the two men on cargo bikes aren’t wearing helmets, and neither are the four other riders illustrated on your cover!

As much as I’ve enjoyed your magazine until now, I don’t want to spend another dollar on a publication that fails to promote bike safety and encourages dangerous riding habits.

A D Martin
Washington, DC 


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