Lebron James rides to work

Somehow the fact that Miami Heat forward Lebron James chose to ride his bike to a game at the American Airlines Arena in Miami over the weekend was deemed to be a Really Big Deal.

Seems James realized traffic would be a nightmare routing around the ING Marathon that had shut down many of the local roads, so he grabbed his helmet, his Cannondale and hit the streets.

James is no stranger to the bike, though. Known for his business savvy, he once owned an undisclosed amount of ownership stake in Cannondale. (We’ll refrain from commenting on the choice as an investment opportunity….) His bike was custom built for him, seeing as he is six-foot-eight. It makes the 29-inch wheels look puny.

What likely got the most attention was the photo, above, snapped by a fan who spotted the NBA star in traffic. It was first credited to a Twitter user, but now there seems to be some confusion of who actually snapped the pic.

His legs sure didn’t seem tired from pedaling when he made what some are saying is one of the best dunks ever. For the record, the Heat went on to win over the Chicago Bulls 97-93.

I’m going to check and see if there are any XXL Bicycle Times jerseys left. We might need to send him one!



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