The Kiwi Chronicles: Prologue

Editor’s note: I only met Laura and Russ a few months ago but I’ve been reading their blog – Path Less Pedaled – for years. Plenty of us have dreamed of taking extended bicycle tours but these two have not only taken on the challenge, they’ve made it their livelihood. So I was very excited when they approached us about partnering for some exclusive coverage of their new expedition to New Zealand. Stay tuned over the next few months for the Kiwi Chronicles. -Adam

Kiwi Chronicles: Prologue from Russ Roca on Vimeo.


Our first day of officially shooting for our series was a challenging and windy one. The wind storm of the decade is blowing through Los Angeles. Some neighboring cities have been out of power for 70 hours. Fortunately, where we are staying we’ve been spared the power outages, but not the wind.

I recently got the “dead cat” or windscreen for our shotgun mic, but even with that, the howling winds were at times drowning out the audio. Without much of a choice, (our flight was the next day) we pick a relatively protected spot behind my parent’s garage. It’s not perfect, but it works.

We’ve been traveling and blogging about our bicycle journey since 2009. Before we left I was photographer. Somewhere during the last two years, I got a wild hair to do video while we traveled. It started crudely with a Flip camera, progressed to a camcorder and now we’re shooting with a SLR system. Our site has always been about telling stories from the road. Video seemed like a natural progression, but it certainly has not been easy.

Case in point, the prologue you see before you took the better half of an afternoon to shoot, record and edit. It took multiple takes and battling with the wind. Oh the wind. A bane to cycling and filming both! In some ways, it seems like madness to attempt to produce video content and travel at the same time, but after being on the road for a few years it’s nice to add new challenges.

So we hope you follow us on our new adventure. In future posts, we’ll be including background information about the videos you’re watching, as well as production notes about all the hidden chaos that happens behind the lens.


Russ and Laura

Path Less Pedaled



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