Join CycloFemme May 13 to promote women in cycling

CycloFemme, a project of Girl Bike Love, will take to the streets May 13 – Mother’s Day, naturally – to bring women together through cycling. Women from around the world are invited to visit the website – — for a list of rides in their area, or start their own. Women can also share their story online about how cycling made a difference in their life. 

Program founder Sarai Synder says that as she got more and more involved in cycling as an adult, she found herself engrossed in its culture. 

“My world turned upside down as I got introduced to so many different forms of riding and loved them all,” she said. “I began to see that riding a bike was much more than just a fun activity but that it truly had the potential for great social change, building healthier, stronger communities at least. I wanted more women riding bikes in my community, I wanted more women to ride with" 

So over the past few years she has been building a hub known as Girl Bike Love, a connection point for female cyclists around the world. CycloFemme was created as a global holiday to honor the past, present, and future of female cycling, she said. 

To show your support for the movement, you can purchase a temporary tattoo designed by Language Dept., a New York design firm staffed by women who love cycling. Proceeds benefit Mountain 2 Mountain, a Colorado based non-profit that was founded on the vision of connecting communities and cultures to create voice and value for women and girls in conflict zones. 

Girl Bike Love is a platform for encouraging, inspiring and empowering women to ride bikes. The website hosts gear reviews, technical information, interviews, training and nutrition information, and stories about cycling presented in a format that is comfortable for women.



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