Join Cyclofemme in the celebration of women in cycling on May 11


Riding with the kids at our 2013 CycloFemme ride.

No matter what type of bike you ride, or how often or far you ride, CycloFemme is a day for all women cyclists. It is also a day for anyone who supports women on bikes to join the rides as well. The goal is to create a unified voice for women’s cycling by building a tribe of riders who recognize the need to empower one another and build a supportive community.

CycloFemme has 242 rides registered, in 203 cities, 23 countries and 42 US states. Go to and find a ride near you. If there are no rides near you, take the opportunity to inspire those around you to go for a ride on May 11. The goal for 2014 is 500 rides in 50 countries and all 50 states, so sign up now!

Unified primarily through social media and word of mouth in 2013, the grassroots movement was celebrated from Kyoto, Japan to Alaska, USA and from Orebro, Sweden to Yida, South Sudan where two women learned to ride a bike in a MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) camp in preparation for the big day, held in May.


The groms rocking the CycloFemme temporary tattoo.

CycloFemme is celebrated annually on the Mother’s Day, the spirit of the day continues to live on year round. Many cyclists still find opportunities to adorn themselves with the CycloFemme mark, in the form of a temporary tattoo, showing support for the global movement at local cycling events and rides.

I’m looking forward to May 11, not just for a fancy “Mom” breakfast, but for the opportunity to go for a long ride with my family. See you out there!




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