Issue #29 of Bicycle Times is on its way to subscribers


The latest issue of Bicycle Times has shipped from our printing press in southcentral Wisconsin and should be hitting mailboxes and newsstands soon. In the meantime, here’s a quick tour of Number 29.

On the cover

Accepting the invitation to get out and play is evident on the face of our cover model Laura Crawford, as she embarks on what surely will be a memorable adventure. This is our first issue to promote living The Manual Life. Photo by Russ Roca.


We’ve hired a new editor to lead us into new territory, and he hit the asphalt pedaling hard in late March, just in time for the Sea Otter Classic after getting poison oak in Santa Cruz during a media launch (seems his Cub Scout training didn’t take). Gary J Boulanger spent a week with Art Director Stephen Haynes at his Irwin, Pennsylvania studio laying out Issue 29, which was curiously inspired by Mastodon and fueled by Tullamore Dew.



We’re introducing several new sections, which will be in heavy rotation throughout the year. This includes Yin & Yang where opposing viewpoints weigh in on topics close to many of us, with the aim to stir up some conversation. First up? Leg shaving (for men), with contributions from Rivendell Bicycle Works owner Grant Petersen, six-time Leadville 100 winner Dave Wiens, and Velominati blogger Frank Strack.


Drinks With is an informal chat with a bicycle industry gadabout, artist, designer or leader, with the hopes of shedding some light on their role and company’s standing. Our first drinks were with Rapha’s Emma Green, a keen designer and DJ.


Rolling a Fatty, Electric Avenue and The Grind were created to address the growing popularity of fat bikes, e-bikes and pedelecs, and gravel. We’ll bundle news, interviews and reviews in these sections throughout the year. We’re proud to have industry veteran Paul Willerton as our Electric Avenue correspondent.



Issue #29 is chock full of interesting tales from abroad, including the curious story of one-armed cyclist Walter Greaves (with amazing graphics from Pittsburgh artist Rich Kelly), bike mechanics in Havana, Cuba, and a beer drinker’s yarn about cycling Australia’s Barossa wine valley and returning to the U.S. a wiser but amateur sommelier.



Reviews are popular with our readers, and we offer several noteworthy products to consider, including a stable of bikes: Surly ECR, Vassago Fisticuff, Fyxation Quiver, Fatback 190 and Stromer ST1. Clothing and accessories from Betabrand, Bike to Work, Shimano, Chrome, Nutcase, Bedrock and Oveja Negra round out the reviews.


Beardo the Weirdo

Of course, what would Bicycle Times be without Beardo the Weirdo? Here he adds his two cents to the gravel grinder labeling game, with fantastic results.


Not a subscriber yet? Click here today for print and digital versions. Copies also available at various news outlets and bookstores, including Barnes & Noble, better bike shops, and Powell’s in Portland, Oregon, among others.



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