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Editor’s note: Smartphones are a great tool for cycling that can track your ride, navigate you to a destination, or even call for a rescue. iPhone Phridays is a ongoing roundup of some of the most interesting or useful iPhone cases we’ve been testing over the last few weeks.

If you’re riding with an iPhone a lot, one of the biggest dangers it faces ins’t drops, or even rain, but probably sweat. Tucked into the back pocket of a jersey it will get soaked quickly on a hot ride, and fiddling with a ziplock baggie is so passé.

Waterproof cases like the Catalyst are the way to go, as the phone functions exactly like it always did, but you don’t have to worry about damaging your phone.


The Catalyst is a slim, plastic case with transparent covers over the front and back of the phone to seal it, up to 15 feet under water. The “military grade” plastic surround will protect it from drops of up to six feet, which I have inadvertently tested and verified.


The ports at the bottom of the phone (headphones and power) are easily accessible via a rubber seal (not pictured above), though after a few weeks it popped off and wouldn’t stay attached. Since I don’t ever submerge the phone, just get it splashed and sweaty, I just didn’t worry about it and have been happy otherwise.

All off the phone’s other buttons are easily operated through the case, and in the case of the silence button, are actually improved. I like the tactile feel and ease-of-use much better with the Catalyst than the LifeProof case I was using previously.


The bike mount is nice as well. I don’t use the phone much as a cycle-computer, but having it visible on the dash is great on my city bike for looking up directions or seeing if I need to stop for an important call or text. #DontTextAndRideBro. It has mounts for 31.8 and 25.4 handlebars, but since these cruiser bars are 22.2 all the way to the stem I had to shim it with a piece of old inner tube.


The Catalyst case is available at catalystlifestyle.com in white, black, pink and the blue pictured here for $65 and the bike mount is $30.

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