Interbike mini-review: Moots Psychlo X RSL

By Eric McKeegan

I’ve spent a good deal of time on a lot of bikes, from very basic to quite complex and expensive, but it wasn’t until I took possession of this Moots that I realized I’ve never had anything past a parking lot ride on a titanium bike. I was also a little nervous using this pricy bike as a commuter, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from riding it.

The RSL designation is given to Moots lightest and most racy frames, and after just a short spin I was immediately struck by just how racy this bike was. Ti is often thought of as on the comfy end of the flexibility range, but I never got that impression, this bike felt the business, as is “I’m here to race cross and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of bubble gum” type-business.

The 44mm head tube means tapered forks are an option, the oversize double-butted main triangle is stiff, and the tapered stays help to keep things smooth when the going got rough. No close up shots, but there is a PF30 BB shell for maximum compatibility with modern cranks, and its oversized nature no doubt helps to stiffen things up down there, like a good pair of support hose.

Anyway, this here is a race bike, and has very few options outside of things like Di2 routing, custom geometry and a disc mount. It feels racy and made me want to ride fast and take chances. I’m going to guess it was the only Moots cross bike in Nevada wearing DH pedals, and the only one that took a few laps around the Treasure Island bar. If I was a racist, er I mean racer, this here would make a mighty fine race bike, assuming I had a spare $3,000 for the frame and another $2,000 or so for a parts kit.

I came away mighty impressed with the RSL, and it has very much got me thinking about a long term test about one of these Ti dream bikes. I would probably lean towards something more practical, and fortunately Moots has plenty of offerings that aren’t so hard edged, like the Vamoots LT, the standard Psychlo X, or the ultimate commute machine, the Comooter.



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