Interbike 2017: Hauling stuff

By Evan Gross

Burley Designs Coho XC Trailer

For trail work, fishing trips, beer runs, extended camping trips, or just cruising to the surf spot, the single wheeled Coho XC is a versatile beast of a trailer. Employing a super simple adjustable yoke, the trailer fits every axle type from 125-197 mm spacing, quick release or thru axle, and tire sizes ranging from the most narrow of road tires to 29+ or a 26 x 5.0.


Burley’s Catch and Release system works in conjunction with their dual ball hitch, dubbed Burley Ballz, to make attaching and detaching the trailer a simple one-handed affair. Grab the handle and it detaches both sides simultaneously. Compared to some of the other designs on the market this system is pretty slick.


With this trailer acting as the rugged bigger brother to the standard Coho, it uses both a coil sprung rear shock and up to a 3″ wide 16” tire. If you’ve ever ridden a trailer off road you already know that without suspension for the trailer it can be a truly unpleasant affair.

Why the kickstand on a trailer? If you’ve ever used a single wheel trailer and tried to attach or detach it to the bike while loaded, you know it’s a bit of a pain in the ass. Deploy the kickstand, grab the Catch and Release handle, and you’ve now got a stable flat platform on which all of your gear can sit high and dry. Reverse the process and you’re off and rolling.

Not only is this a very well thought out trailer, the accessories that are available as upgrades are pretty rad. The Coho pannier and rack mounts allow for even more storage on either side of the trailer wheel. While two bag options (regular and deluxe) work to keep the contents of the trailer sealed from the elements. So you want to haul even more? Burley’s come out with a pretty ingenious ladder system using cotter pins to attach to the frame and creating a structural system around the body of the trailer allowing the use of straps to keep things. Sort of similar to tie down points on a flatbed tractor trailer.

Stay tuned as it sounds like we might have one of these coming in over the winter. Availability should be sometime late spring 2018.

Price: $425

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 12.51.23 PM

Wike Salamander Cycle Stroller

I don’t have kids and generally tend to breeze by products at shows like this as I just really don’t care. That said, this stroller/ bike combo is just bizarre enough to get me to stop and take it all in. It’s a well thought out super niche product that a few people will probably fall in love with. Ride to the park in bike mode with the kids in the large canvas covered cargo box and seamlessly transition into the stroller mode to navigate the tight confines of the downtown market, library, or subway. It uses a similar method of morphing to the swing bikes of the 70’s with the bars and body swinging way out to one side and locking into itself. Relying on its third wheel for stability, it becomes a convenient to push stroller. With a swift push of the foot actuated button, the stroller mode morphs back into a bike in a matter of seconds.



At 79lbs this is a not a lightweight bike. Add up to 100 lbs of cargo and it might be a bit much for those living in hilly areas or just wanting to ride it comfortably. Fortunately, there is an optional add-on for a Bafang Mid-drive assist 750W electric motor to make things a bit more manageable. At $4,000 for the made in China 4130 steel version or and an additional $1800 for the mid-drive we see this as a pretty niche item, but for those parents looking to eliminate a car and all the expenses associated with ownership, this might just be the ticket.

Available in early October in the US and November in Europe.

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