Interbike 2014: What would you like to see?


Las Vegas, Nevada hosts the annual Interbike trade show September 8-12, beginning with two days in Bootleg Canyon for Outdoor Demo, followed by three days in the air-conditioned Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Thousands of bike industry people gather from all corners of the earth to show off next year’s baubles, and our task to bring you the news is always daunting. We’d like your input going into this hot mess.

What would you like us to cover?

Does our website give too much lip service to one particular category? Do we appear to have our favorites? Which companies would you like more photography and reporting? We understand that there’s something for everyone at shows like Interbike, but we have a small editorial staff, and we want to make sure we cover all the important bases.


So, fire away your comments and input. We’ll do our level best to capture the trends, cover the blue chip companies, and unearth the exciting stuff that may change the direction of cycling in the future. Shoot me an email if there’s extra special you’d like us to seek out. Adam, Eric and I will be snapping and editing photos, scribbling notes, and reporting during and after the show, so check back starting Tuesday to see if we’re on target.





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