Interbike 2011: Yuba further refines longtail cargo bike

By Karen Brooks

Yes, you can have a bicycle that acts like a minivan, minus the gas guzzling. Yuba has been busy expanding their line of accessories to enhance the latest V4.0 version of their Mundo large-capacity cargo bike. Currently theirs is the only bike that can fit two kid carriers on the back, and their new center kickstand, the Stand Alone, is so sturdy the kids can climb up into the seats by themselves. If you’ve got just one kid to carry, Yuba’s bags can still fit under the seat.

Here Yuba’s Steve Bode shows us their Hold On handlebars and Soft-Spot seat cushion for passengers too big for a kid seat.

Steve also showed us a new version of their Running Boards with a slot big enough for a front wheel; with this, all you’d need is a strap or two and you could tow a bike, for instance to bring a kid’s bike along with the kid to a safe place to practice balancing, or to bring your dirt jump bike to the local pump track (for kids of all ages).

We also got a sneak peak at the electric El Mundo, which Maurice will be swinging a leg over soon. It’s outfitted with an E-Z electric kit using a front wheel drive, to balance the weight of cargo and motor. Watch this space for more.

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