Interbike 2011: Vittoria shoes offered in stunning variety

Toward the end of the day we stumbled upon some pretty cool shoes. No, they were not strewn about the walkway, they were at the Vittoria booth.

First off, to clear up any confusion: the Vittoria shoe company of Italy is different than the Vittoria tire company of Italy. The shoe company is two weeks older.

These are the Classic line of shoes, so named for obvious reasons. They’re available with a Lorica or suede upper, and soon to be in a kangaroo leather as well. The soles come in SPD or Look-style cleat mounts, and the SPDs have walkable rubber soles. There are also full carbon-soled versions for speed plus style.

All of Vittoria’s shoes are 100% made in Italy. Besides the authentic nature, this allows the company to offer a multitude of sizes for men and women, and even pairs of two different sizes. They can also do repairs of old shoes. And by the way, they also offer a lifetime warranty.

You must be thinking by now that these shoes have a Ferrari price tag, but in fact they’re pretty reasonable for what you get: $180 for the SPD or Look soles, and $220 for full carbon soles, in Lorica or suede upper. Kangaroo will run $240 and $300 respectively.

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