Interbike 2011: Updated BionX electric power assist system

Bionx updated their electric power assist system that we originally reviewed in Bicycle Times Issue #9. For model-year 2012 BionX has shaved 2.5 lbs. from the weight of the rear-hub motor.

A redesigned battery is 100g lighter and offers increased capacity, boosting the range from 50 to 60 miles. The handlebar-mounted control unit has been redesigned with a more intuitive interface/display (the functions remain the same).

The new battery includes a 6-volt power output jack for connecting a lighting system. Charging control circuitry is now built into the battery itself, and the previously-required smart charger is replaced by a simple, more compact charger.

My test ride confirmed that the updated BionX system offers the same seamless pedelec power and snappy performance as the original. The retail price for the 350 Watt system is $1,899 with a downtube mounted battery or $1,999 with rear rack mounted battery.

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