Interbike 2011: Trying out the production RideKick trailer

The Ridekick power trailer is an interesting twist on electrifying your ride. Thanks to its built-in 500 Watt electric motor, this battery-powered trailer gives a boost to your existing bike. Last year we tried a pre-production version, and now the finished product is on sale.

The $699 trailer has a clamshell design that provides 41.8 liters of enclosed cargo space. Rated hauling capacity is 75 lbs. The hitch attaches through the left-side Q/R skewer.

The current version of the Ridekick uses a sealed lead-acid battery and has a range of 12-15 miles. Ridekick is working on a lithium-ion battery upgrade that will expand the range, though exact specifications are not available at this time.

A simple handlebar-mounted thumb-lever serves as the throttle. On my test ride I found that having to thumb the throttle was not as convenient as "just pedaling along" the way I would on a pedelec, but the throttle got the job done nonetheless. The Ridekick had plenty of guts and flattened out the uphill grades. There was a slight surgieness in the way that the trailer delivered its power to the bike compared to rear-hub motors, but for $699 the Ridekick is an affordable and effective way to boost your bike.

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