Interbike 2011: Surly Troll

We’ll see more of Surly at the indoor show, but we couldn’t resist hanging out with the Troll.

Its multi-talented frame starts out as a mountain bike but has lots of little details added to make it buildable in a variety of configurations. The smorgasbord of holes in the rear dropouts allows for geared or singlespeed drivetrains, or a Rohloff 14-speed internally geared hub, with a couple extra for trailer-mounting bolts. You could turn this bike into a “utility tractor” with one of Surly’s serious trailers. Oh yeah, the frame has rack and fender mounts, too. Yes, fatties still "fit fine."

Last year the Troll was available as a frameset only, but now Surly will be offering complete bikes for $1,400. Look for Trolls and Trailers to turn up in a shop near you. Pictured here in the complete option, they have it built up in heavy-duty commuting fashion, with Kenda Kiniption “urban assault” tires and a Surly Open Bar handlebar.

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