Interbike 2011: SKS shows off Raceblade Long fenders

Lots of bikes are coming with fender mounts, but there are still some that pretend to be too racy for such practicality. (But they’re holes! They’ll make the frame lighter and faster!) SKS stepped in to fix that with their Raceblade fenders a couple years ago, minimalist fenders meant to be quickly strapped onto a road racing-style bike. Their new Raceblade Long fenders are, yes, longer, but also sturdier, with a clever mounting system: metal brackets slip over the quick-release skewers and around the caliper brake bolts. The brake areas are nice and small to fit under those tiny brakes. $59.

They also have a new pump, the Spaero, with a retractable mini-hose. Its small head still manages to fit both Schrader and Presta valves, with a nice knurled wheel to screw it on. The aluminum version is $39 and the composite is $34.

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