Interbike 2011: iZip revamps e-bike lineup

By Karen Brooks

Having just finished a test on an iZip electric bike, I was eager to see the new and improved version looked like. As I said in my review in Issue #13 (available now!) the electric part of the bike worked just fine, but I was left wanting some changes in the cockpit and gearing. Well iZip delivered: the e3 Path model, above, replaces the Via Rapido and is fully equipped with fenders, disc brakes, and a chain cover, and loses the weighty suspension fork and seatpost. Should make for a more practical commuter. The colors are a lot more snazzy, too.

The e3 Zuma cruiser style bike also lost its unnecessary suspension bits and gained disc brakes, as well as a more comfortable bend to the bars.

The e3 Metro is an exciting-looking bike – it makes a whole lot of sense to add front and rear racks when you’ve got a 500-watt motor. The front basket attaches to the head tube rather than the fork so that it doesn’t flop over when loaded down. Its electric drive is still switchable between pedal assist and throttle, and now the pedal assist has three “boost” levels as well. The battery is nicely hidden in that large down tube.

The top-of-the-line e3Ultra will also get three “boost” levels to the pedal assist, to further control their sophisticated torque sensing system, called TMM4+.

The Express is still the e-bike of choice for police, as its 750-watt motor packs enough punch to catch perps.



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