Interbike 2010 wrap-up

Wow. It’s going to take weeks – or months! – to unravel all the storylines coming out of the show, but watch this space as we continue to bring you all the goodies from Last Vegas.

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Day 1

Day 2

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Day 5

Bike reviews

Each year at Interbike we partner with manufacturers to borrow bikes for the week to allow us to commute from our hotel to the show without relying on fossil fuels. And besides, riding bikes is just more fun! In return, we provide feedback on their products.

Specialized Globe Daily 1

Advocacy groups

Most of the coverage from Interbike each year is about new companies and new products, but it’s not all about the bling. Here are few of the advocacy organizations at the show that we looked into, and why you should too.

Plus: watch for more to come!



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