Interbike 2010 Day 4

The Strida folding bike
This trade show is always a whirlwind of updates, innovations, and improvements, but a common thread running through things we’ve seen from Monday ‘til today is how they are making it easier for everyone to ride a bike. The cycling industry is recognizing that the way to grow is to reach out to people who don’t consider themselves “cyclists” per se and draw them into the fold.
Fun cruisers from Electra help people pedal with confidence. Useful accessories from Biologic enhance the convenience of cycling. Some people have been “getting it” for a while now, like Joe Breeze, who has been putting out practical city (and country) bikes since 2001, and Jeff Scully, who has been importing the German brand Ortlieb’s waterproof panniers and bags since before the latest commuting “craze.” Innovative folders from Strida make it easy to bring a bike along almost anywhere. Some new-school style from the likes of Chrome and Mission Workshop attract the trendsetters.
We did some research, yes, but we also did some unabashed drooling at pretty, shiny bikes. Click over to our Day 4 gallery to see what we saw.
– Karen Brooks, Editor



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