Interbike 2010 Day 3


The all-new Ellsworth Evolve

Two days of covering exhibitors at Dirt Demo led me to believe 2011 would be a conservative year—a year of subtle refinement, rather than innovation. As it turned out, companies were saving their latest and greatest for the indoor show. New products abound, including some that managed to (almost) sneak under our collective radar. Here are the goods that caught our eye today.

This is your brain. This is your brain on Interbike.

Any questions? Yes, one question, actually. Does anybody know the four-digit passcode for my iPhone? Here’s’ a hint: it’s the same four-digit passcode that I’ve been using for every one of my ATM cards and electronic devices over the past twenty years. The same passcode that my feeble brain, scrambled by a mere four hours on the Interbike show floor, couldn’t remember to save its worthless life. Fortunately, the iPhone is a wonderful piece of technology and it realized that, after an allotted number of failed login attempts, I needed a five-minute “time-out” to let my panic subside. When the iPhone finally decided to let me have another crack at it, I nailed the passcode on the first try.  I might survive this Interbike trip after all.

—Karl Rosengarth

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