Inerbike 2011: ARTCRANK combines cycling with poster art

By Trina Haynes

A bicycle monster eating cars, 2 birds frolicking on a bike and a colorful geometric road bike; these are just a taste of an ARTCRANK show. ARTCRANK brings limited edition, hand-printed, bicycle-inspired posters into art galleries throughout the United States and just recently, their first international show in London. What better place to have an art show than the once-a-year bicycle industry gathering, Interbike, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Most ARTCRANK shows only allow artists within the host city to participate (this helps fuel the local art and bicycle scene) but for this particular show, with thousands of attendees, ARTCRANK opened up participation to poster artists from around the world.

ARTCRANK reaches out to and partners with local bicycle organizations in the host cities for each show to raise awareness and gives a portion of the proceeds to the Cause Partner.

For their first Interbike show, they gave $5 to People for Bikes for every poster purchased. Admission is always free to ARTCRANK and posters are priced so everyone who attends has the chance to bring something home.

Posters from Interbike


Finally, this is the ARTCRANK bike we showed you last week.

Upcoming ARTCRANK shows

October 6 and 8: Portland, Oregon,  The Cleaners at The Ace Hotel

October 21: San Francisco, 111 Minna Gallery

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