How to create a bike-friendly workplace


Since today is National Bike to Work Day, it only seems fitting that we share this e-book from commercial bike rack maker Upbeat. Biking to work is on the rise across the country, and beyond adding more bike racks, there are several things you can do to help your employer make riding to work more comfortable and convenient. Doing so doesn’t just help you, it helps others who may be interested in trying to ride to work and countless others who will benefit from less congested streets, less pollution and better overall health.

You can download or read the e-book here, in PDF format.


If you’re an employer, or a human resources employee in charge of promoting biking, you can even scroll through Upbeat’s bike rack buyer’s guide. It lays out the basics of what you’re going to need to consider when planning for the growing popularity of bike commuting.

Did you ride to work today? Let us know how your commute went in the comments below.



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