House bill threatens bicycle infrastructure spending

In an era of government belt-tightening, a bill proposed by the House Transportation Committee would drastically cut funding for transportation programs, including cycling.

The bill proposed by committee chairman John Mica (R – Fla.) would match spending to revenue the government collects, mostly from federal gas taxes. The new budget totals would be one third less than previous spending, with no federal guarantees for bicycle and pedestrian programs, Streetsblog is reporting.

However, the bill is unlikely to be debated before the August recess, and Senator Barbara Boxer has said the Senate version would guarantee funding for bicycle and pedestrian programs.

The outline of the bill immediately caught flak from both sides of the aisle, as critics claimed it would cost nearly half a million jobs. They also insist repairing and maintaining American infrastructure would require nearly 10 times as much spending.

Keep posted for more as the budget works its way through Congress.



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