Head-scratcher: CyclePark turns street posts into bike racks


At first pass it sounds like a fantastic idea: A simple system that can turn your ordinary street sign into a much more secure and handy bike rack. Designed by StreetSmarts, the CyclePark bolts on and creates a more suitable platform for locking your bike.


But like so many products touting to revolutionize the bike industry from outside, this one has us scratching our heads. For one, it isn’t overly obvious how it improves the nature of simply locking your bike to the post to begin with. Sure, it prevents the lock from being lifted up and over, but that’s easily prevented with proper locking techniques.

Also the two-piece CyclePark bolts together, and there isn’t a clear enough picture of what is preventing someone from un-bolting it.

Finally, it looks like the two pieces can only be fitted to a rather specific size and shape of pole, which limits its practicality.

StreetSmarts may be a RedDot design winner, but we’re going to send them back to the drawing board on this one.



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