A guide to the Las Vegas Mobile Social

By Trina Haynes

Riding etiquette for a Mobile Social in Las Vegas asks of you the following: play loud, repetitive and sometimes vulgar music. Make sure this music emits from odd forms, such as a giant skull head or a mutant 4-wheeler. A dog with a camera is a must, what better way to film this epic event than an adorable little dog with a camera strapped to his back. Of course a mass of riders, from BMX, fixies, fat tires, folding, big wheels and then some.

A few key things to note: make all attempts to not get the coordinators arrested, which includes:

Attempt to have hundreds of cyclist stay in one lane, obey traffic rules including not running red lights.

Get as many high fives as possible.

Be nice to the “ladies of the night” who are rooting you on and some flexing their muscles for a photo op.

Once you reach the end consume food and beer.

Bike Hugger, New Belgium and Tern did a great job successfully coordinating and a bringing together a great mobile social. I look forward to next years gathering!

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